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The College Organizational Structure

The Faculty

The faculty of the College of Pharmacy and Chemistry embodies a convergence of two disciplines crucial to human health and scientific advancement. With a rich history deeply intertwined with the exploration of chemical compounds and their therapeutic applications, this faculty serves as a cornerstone for the development and dissemination of knowledge in pharmacy and chemistry in Mindanao.

Within its halls, students and researchers delve into the complexities of molecular structures, drug synthesis, chemical analysis, and pharmacy practice forging new pathways in both pharmaceutical science and fundamental chemistry. From elucidating the mechanisms of drug action to designing novel therapeutic agents, the faculty of pharmacy and chemistry serves as a beacon of innovation, fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange. Through its dedication to education, research, and community engagement, the College of Pharmacy and Chemistry cultivates the next generation of pharmacists, chemists, and scientific leaders, driving progress and innovation in the realms of health, technology, and beyond.